traditional cooking

Are you in favour of traditional cooking? The symbol indicates the suitability of the Snips container for use in a traditional oven.

operatività al 100%

Official communication: Snips guarantees 100% uptime

Contagion Containment Measures in the Orange Zone - Dpcm 08 March 2020
In the fridge

The symbol indicates the suitability of the container for use in the refrigerator at a temperature of 3 ° C.

Lunch Box

The microwave: increasingly indispensable in the kitchen!

Stoviglie in Bamboo

Altroconsumo rejects bamboo dishes: they are not green and can be hazardous to health

Altroconsumo has tested 14 bamboo articles and found that they are plasti


Can it go in the dishwasher?


(FOOD CONTACT) Do we really know what this symbol means?