TIMEZERO for Microwave

Crispy Banking Pan Low

Crispy Banking Pan Low

  • When you have little time to devote to the preparation of fancy dishes, and little desire to have bad smells and sketches in the kitchen, this is the solution for you.
  • In 5 minutes you can enjoy a plate of crispy chips or cutlets. If you want to prepare a tasty homemade pizza you can use fresh dough and the ingredients you prefer, or make a frozen product crunchy. Set on the microwave the cooking time suitable for the crunchiness you wish to obtain.
  • You can prepare a pizza for a snack or a snack in a few minutes.
  • And in the end everything quickly ends up in the dishwasher.
  • Design, technology, quality, 100% Made in Italy 
  • 0% BPA - Use & Reuse product - 100% Recyclable

Technical features

article no.


ean no.

8001136 901058

article size cm

27.50 x 27.50 x 2.40

article weight kg.



Paper Band

specific data

Ø 26 cm

The Crispy Plate by Snips is made in Italy in a special material with a non-stick coating that reaches high temperatures in a matter of minutes, allowing you to cook in complete safety. The special plate by Snips is also compatible with all browning systems on the market, such as Crisp, Crispy, Panacrunch and Crusty Cook, allowing you to use the Grill + Microwave cooking combination.